Body lotion without the packaging! Okay, 100% compostible packaging!


Little golden buttery bars that love your skin, with soothing lavender, creamy coconut oil and nutritious Vitamin E. Gorgeous smelling and a growing trend.


The solid body lotion bar that melts upon with body heat. Apply gently to the area that needs a little love, then massage into the skin.


Moisturising coconut oil combined with calming Lavender and uplifting Bergamot to calm and soothe the skin.


While other lotions are watered down and bottled, this solid body lotion bar lasts longer, is stronger, and cares for skin more effectively.


Vegan, plastic free, with not a drop of palm oil in sight. What’s not to love about this smooth little bar of goodness?


Lavender & Bergamot Body Butter Bar

    • Scent: Citrusy, floral and fruity. 

    • Sweet Almond Oil: Gentle on sensitive skin & helps protect against UV skin damage

    • Coconut Oil: Highly moisturising

    • Vitamin E: a nourishing, protective & powerful antioxidant which is easily absorbed into the skin.

    • Lavender Oil: for calm, focus, memory and concentration 

    • Bergamot Essential Oil: de-stressing, uplifting.