Test results will be received in the form of a traffic light system. In the circumstance where there is a negative result (all tested ingredients come back ‘green’) a negative test refund will be given.


Results are received in 5-10 working days.


*Please note that this is a food intolerance test and not an allergy test. If you suffer classical allergic (IgE) reactions to any foods, please do not eat them prior to testing. Your test results are complementary to and not a substitute for the best medical help. The test will not identify all the different types of food sensitivity (such as lactose intolerance), and it is not diagnostic of coeliac disease. The advice given is not intended to replace any recommendations offered by your GP or Healthcare Practitioner, as they will have full details of your medical history


*Unfortunately we are unable to test ladies who are pregnant or breastfeeding

 *Children must be over the age of 2. Under the age of 2, GP letter of consent is required

 *Clients taking steroid medication must have been on the medication consistently for 12 weeks, or off the medication for 6 weeks prior to testing.

 *Clients taking immunosuppressant medication, please declare before testing so the medication can be passed on to the testing laboratory. 


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Frankie Hunt (Dip CH IPCH.  Adv CH RICTAT), Colon Hydrotherapist, Detox Support & Personal Coach

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