colon hydrotherapy


My priority when creating a space to offer colonics was for my clients to feel safe and cared for. Naturally, we all feel vulnerable and a little nervous about colonics which is why the clinic is discreet, calm, private and with its own parking outside. Plenty of time will be allowed in your appointment so you can feel comfortable in knowing you won’t be rushed or have far to travel to your car.


What happens during a colonic?

During a treatment the client will be laid on the couch in complete comfort and covered with a towel. Modesty is maintained at all times. Warm filtered water is gently introduced into the colon via a small tube that connects to a waste pipe allowing the removal of faecal matters. All is sealed and odourless. Specialised massage techniques are also applied to release abdominal tension and gut spasms.


How does Colonic work and what are the benefits?

Of all the processes essential to good health, elimination is certainly one of the most important. When the bowel is under-active, toxic wastes are more likely to be re-absorbed through the bowel wall which is why colonics underpin all detoxification programme.


For best results Colonic Hydrotherapy is best done in conjunction with simple dietary and life-style adjustment. This can be discussed as part of the treatment.

There are many commonly reported health problems caused by colon toxicity which will be helped by Colonic Hydrotherapy:



Skin problems

Weight problems


Candida and bladder symptoms

Muscle & joint pain

Menopausal symptoms

Difficulties conceiving

Sleep problems

Body odour



Parasite infection



Colonic Hydrotherapy


A full dietary and lifestyle consultation is carried out with your first appointment, followed by a colonic and home care programme. Also includes the use of herbs where required.

*please inform me of any allergies to herbs.


Coffee Enema


Coffee that has been specifically roasted for use in a coffee enema is used in this optional extra. The coffee enema is carried out at the end of the treatment after the colonic. Using coffee at the end of the treatment offers a much deeper means of detoxification and promotes the body's own ability to heal.


Probiotic Implant


A high concentration of probiotics will be inserted gently into the colon via a catheter, at the end of a colonic treatment. The probiotic implant is a specially designed combination of healthy and beneficial intestinal bacteria. This will help to restore balance in the colon following a period of illness, antibiotics and digestive issues.

Detoxification Package


3 x Colon Hydrotherapy treatments.


Package includes coffee enema on 3rd colonic.

*Please note: colonics are to be taken within a 3 week period.

Consultation Only


An in-depth dietary and lifestyle consultation will be carried out, followed by a personal plan to address areas of concerns. This is an ideal option for clients who are contraindication to having a colonic treatment, but would still like to take a positive step forward in improving physical health and making healthier lifestyle choices.